“54% of people want to see more video content from their marketers”

~Industry Research, 2019

It’s easier than you think,

And without it you’re missing the point.


Looking for a new perspective on sales and marketing in the digital environment?

For years, businesses have been trying to find effective ways to leverage the internet to increase their sales.  Many have spent considerable time and money building websites, and internet advertising, with little to no return on investment.  The Scaffeo group has developed a highly effective system that will allow you and your staff to engage the online community, and bring footprints back into your stores.

We will teach you and your staff how to effectively engage your clients using the internet and social media, and how to implement low-cost internet marketing campaigns that will actually deliver the results you are looking for.

You must be a great opener before you can be a great closer

Our Testimonials

The following are just some of the positive things that our clients have said about working with us. We are thrilled to find that our service is such a success, beneficial to so many sales forces and businesses like yours.


Our processes, when implemented, will have the following benefits for your company:

• Sales will increase instantly.
• Sales Associates will be pumpedproud and professional.
• Management will execute more skillfully and follow up more thoroughly.
• Through (STS) customized Sales Tracking Systems, Sales Associates will be held accountable for their performance.
• Your business will focus on modern day sales methods, not just day to day operations.
•  Recruiting and retaining the right Sales Associates will be easier than you ever thought possible.
• You will have a calculated (PSM) Processed Sales Method for training new and existing Sales Associates.
• You will adapt key strategies to improve employee retention and literally eliminate staff turnover.
• You will be able to monitor key store and district sales performance new and improved metrics system.
• New Non-negotiable sales standards for behaviour will increase discipline for elevated customer service levels.
• We will create new (STS) customized Sales Tracking Systems and (DSS) Detailed Sales Statistics for every department to pinpoint the coaching needed to improve productivity.