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 In the digital jungle, bragging you've mastered it all—from websites to social media, marketing and slick videos—is audacious. 

 Spot an agency flaunting total dominance?

Time to pause.

Feels too fairy-tale, right? 

That's your cue for The Scaffeo Group.

We're not just another agency; we're a Group of proficient, experts, elevating, and enhancing your brand.

Artine Ghazarian

Salon, Skill, Brand


Content, Web Design, Videography

Seren Ornek

Videography, Photography, Graphic Design

Accounting, Artificial Intelligence, Web Development

Terry Burns

Strategy, Sales Development, Retail Management

J Bird Designs

Graphic Design, Event Management, Social Media

Our Featured Experts

Our Bread

We don't build websites, we build conversion machines

Transforming Clicks into Conversions: More Than Websites, We Build Business Engines

Our Butter

If you're not on social media, you're invisible

Missing Out on Social Media? It's Time to Be Seen and Heard

Our Wine

A picture is worth 1000 words. A video is worth a million

Beyond Pictures: Craft a Million-Word Impact with Video Storytelling

What We Offer 


Tony Scaffeo

Chief Entertainment Officer​

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Our Marketing Services

Our Website Development, Social Media Management, and Video Production services are designed to amplify your digital presence. Benefit from our holistic approach to digital marketing, leveraging the latest technologies and trends for your brand's success.

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Elevate Your Digital Prospecting Game

Navigating the digital world to find potential clients can be tricky. That's where our Intelligent Digital Prospecting method comes in, offering you a smarter way to connect with the right people.

What You'll Get:

  • Know Your Audience: Learn to differentiate between suspects, prospects, and assets, focusing your efforts where it counts.

  • Less Stress, More Meetings: Cut through the digital noise with strategies that make securing meetings smoother.

  • Re-engage Lost Leads: We'll show you how to win back prospects that have gone silent.

  • Organic Social Media Mastery: Understand how to use social media not just for outreach, but as a powerful tool to attract and engage.

Why It's Essential:

The digital landscape is vast, but you don't have to navigate it alone. Our approach simplifies digital prospecting, making it easier for you to find and connect with potential clients. By focusing on intelligent strategies and organic social media, you'll not only save time but also enhance your sales process.

Ready to boost your digital prospecting efforts? Get in touch to learn how our method can work for you.


Unlock the Secret to Sales Success: Become a Great Opener

Ever wondered why some sales pros close deals more smoothly than others? The secret lies in how they start: great closers are first great openers. Our approach focuses on sharpening your initial engagement skills to boost your closing rates.

Key to Great Opening:

  • Master Meeting Prep: Success starts long before the meeting does. We teach you how to prepare effectively, ensuring you're ready to meet your client's needs from the get-go.

  • Ask Better Questions: The right questions lead to insightful answers. We'll show you how to ask questions that reveal deeper client needs, setting the stage for successful closings.

Our Promise:

With our streamlined Technology Business Methodology, you'll learn to open conversations that lead to more closed deals. By focusing on these critical skills, you'll not only start sales discussions on the right foot but also end them with a handshake.

Interested in transforming your sales approach from the first hello to the final agreement? Let’s chat


Elevate Your Sales Game: Become a Modern Sales Pro

Step into the future of sales with our unique approach that merges sales prowess with marketing savvy. Our Technology Business Methodology is here to transform you into a Modern Sales Pro, skilled in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of sales and marketing.

Why Modernize Your Sales Approach?

  • Hybrid Skill Set: Excel by balancing sales tactics and marketing strategies. This dual focus helps you attract and engage more effectively.

  • Value Over Product: Shift from selling products to building valuable relationships. Solve real problems for your clients, creating lasting connections.

  • Efficient Communication: Cut through the noise with clear, impactful interactions, making every word count with clients and team members.

  • Master SMarketing Tools: Get hands-on with the latest software to automate, analyze, and personalize your sales efforts.

  • Self-Marketing Skills: Stand out by marketing yourself as effectively as you do your products. We'll show you how.

Join Us and Transform Your Sales Career

Our program is your gateway to becoming a leader in the new era of sales, blending traditional techniques with digital innovation. Ready to lead the charge as a Modern Sales Pro? Let's make it happen together.



Happy Customers

Don't take our word for it!


I would like to offer the following regarding our teams experience with "The Scaffeo Group"

Tony had been introduced to me many years ago and recommended as one of the "Best in the business" in the field of Sales training and marketing.

Although the meeting was memorable and Tony was unforgettable I didn't have a requirement for his services at that time.

Most recently our company had a need to hire a marketing company to assist with our brand awareness, boost and optimize our website as well as drive traffic with a goal of increasing our overall sales. After interviewing a number of firms and not finding the right team I had a conversation with a colleague that had recently engaged Tony and his team "The Scaffeo Group" to do all of their digital marketing and website hosting.

After once again hearing another incredible review about Tony and his team I called Tony and immediately hired the Scaffeo group. Working with Tony and his talented team of professionals is truly a wonderful experience.

Their knowledge, attention to detail, regular on time analytics and reporting combined with their above and beyond attitude is unlike any other that I have encountered. Tony himself will answer the phone almost anytime or return the call text or email with urgency.

Their overall ability to "Walk the Talk" and produce results is truly unmatched.

I would highly recommend Tony & The Scaffeo Group as a Marketing, Digital and branding team with industry leading Website & SEO management.

They have definitely moved the needle with our business.


Vice President Sales, Marketing & Investor Relations

Audio Insider

My name is Mike and in 2019 l started Audio Insider. Our first 8 months were a struggle - we had the wrong people in place and there were a number of variables (like a worldwide pandemic) which presented some real challenges.

In June of 2020 I recognized the need to make some big changes or we would not survive this year. I had worked with Tony in the past and knew he was great at what he did but after a few conversations I knew I had the right person to help me build my business.

What I got from Tony was the leadership, insight and marketing support. I so badly needed. He has helped me turn many things around and for the first time in months, I have a sense of optimism and excitement for the future.

His hands-on approach coupled with the years of experience he has made an immediate impact and having a sales coach I could trust to mentor me has proven to be invaluable. I feel better about stepping back into a sales role after a decade in various management roles and I am having fun again too!

Tony brings a high level of experience, energy and knowledge to the table and the rest of my team has seen this too. If you are looking to grow your business and want to work with someone who will be able to support your success, you need to give Tony a call! I trusted him with my vision for the future and the dream and he is now bringing both of those to life!


Founder and Principal

Your chief technology officer

Corporate Medical Group

The Scaffeo Group was able to provide my company with a sophisticated, high end quality product which accelerated its growth exponentially. With Tony's strength in communication and marketing strategies, he was able to target my clients immediately. The online presence, supported by innovate videos, generated consistent leads and ongoing business.

My investment in the Scaffeo group has paid off in multitudes and I was able to work with the best at the business, Tony Scaffeo. My association with him provides instant credibility and keeps my company a tier above my competitors. I recommend Tony to any company that wants to grow rapidly and have fun collaborating with him in the process.


CEO - Corporate Medical Group

Integrated Health Logistics

Tony Portrait 4-min.png

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    Make You Website Your Best Salesperson

    Transform Your Website into Your Top Salesperson
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    • Turn your website into a 24/7 sales powerhouse
    • Engage and convert visitors with a strategic website
    • Maximize conversions: Make your site your top sales tool
    • Elevate your online presence to boost client engagement
    • Transform your site into a dynamic business catalyst
  • How to Be Visible on Social

    Mastering Visibility on Social Media with The Scaffeo Group
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    • Engage effectively with your audience on social media
    • Boost your brand's visibility with expert strategies
    • Drive meaningful interactions and build community
    • Transform social media into a powerful engagement tool
    • Learn to stand out in the crowded social landscape
  • Boost Your Impact with Explainer Videos

    Maximize Impact Across Digital Media with Explainer Videos
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    • Enhance your digital strategy with dynamic explainer videos
    • Capture attention and convey your message effectively
    • Engage and convert your audience with compelling content
    • Elevate your sales pitch with targeted explainer videos
    • Leverage explainer videos for comprehensive digital impact
  • Begin Digital Marketing for my Business

    Begin Your Digital Marketing Journey: How & Where to Start with The Scaffeo Group
    Free Plan
    • Identify and leverage the best platforms for your brand
    • Enhance your social media presence effectively
    • Optimize your website for greater digital impact
    • Utilize explainer videos to clarify your message
    • Turn digital challenges into opportunities for growth

Check out our
new classes and workshops

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