Newspaper Advertising Has Died 
What Replaced It?

 Establish Your Authority 
Blogs, Articles and Online Written Content

Content Keeps You Competitive and Increases Authority

It used to be that if your company was featured in the news or a magazine that gave you authority and recognition in your industry.  Long gone are the days where printed materials can elevate your business substantially.  The new way to establish authority is to write blogs and articles on your website, create interesting enough content that others would like to share it on their websites and other platforms, and encourage social media followers to read and share these articles and blogs. 

Like other branding efforts, you can’t expect a blog to bring you huge success overnight. Key to building your authority online is consistent content creation, sharing what you create with your social networks and seeking out collaborations and connections. The more you create regular, engaging content, the more your authority will increase. The more your authority increases, the more often Google will put searches with your keywords on the top of search results. 

What Makes A Successful Blog?

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