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Jeesica Ingard

As the founder and creative force behind J Bird Designs, I am Jessica Ingard, a graphic designer and event planner with a dynamic and multifaceted career path. Born from a passion project in Alberta in 2010, J Bird Designs has evolved from a modest side gig into my full-time dream, embodying the essence of creativity and entrepreneurship.

J Bird Designs

Creating Memories of a lifetime

J Bird Designs began its journey in 2010, originally born as a side gig shortly after we set our roots in Alberta. Over time, this little nest of creativity blossomed into my ultimate passion. As the proud owner and founder, I made the bold decision to leave behind the 9-5 routine and wholeheartedly embrace my dream, nurturing it full time. Through this journey, I've not only grown as an entrepreneur but, more importantly, as an individual.

I hold a graphic design degree from my Peru, where my journey as a designer first began. A year after graduating, my commitment to the craft led me to pursue a master's degree in advertising, a path that allowed me to continue evolving and deepening my creative prowess. Graphic design has been the constant thread woven throughout my life, and I can confidently say I don't just practice it; I live and breathe creativity with unwavering passion.

When the impact of the pandemic reached us, I made a thoughtful choice to further enrich my skills and enrolled in the Event Management program at Mount Royal University. It's safe to say that this decision ranks among the best I've made in a long while. Even before the diploma arrived in the mail, I found myself in a communications and event management role. The thrill of working both from home and onsite at events captivated me, and I wholeheartedly embraced every facet of this exciting journey.

Graphic design and event management share a remarkable synergy. The artistry of design beautifully complements the precision and creativity required to bring events to life. Together, they create a seamless tapestry of visual elegance and memorable experiences, making these two worlds a perfect match.


Graphic Design, Event Management, Social Media

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