Footprint Marketing

For years, businesses have been trying to find effective ways to leverage the internet to increase their sales. Many have spent considerable time and money building websites, and spending money internet advertising, with little to no return on investment. The Scaffeo group has developed a highly effective system that will allow you and your staff to engage the online community, and bring footprints back into your stores.

We will teach you and your staff how to effectively engage your clients using the internet and social media, and how to implement a no-cost internet marketing campaign that will actually delivery the results you are looking for.

 one day training includes:

  • 8 hours of instruction 

  • a printed manual or a mobile app copy of the training 

  • a printed certificate of completion 


Individual assessment on social media marketing

  • what is a pro?

  • what is your muscle?

  • what happens in an internet minute?

The way people communicate has changed

  • new rules of communication

  • understanding and navigating mobile devices

  • understanding and navigating social media platforms

  • understanding and navigating your customers / lead methodology

 Downloading social media apps

  • create facebook, linkedin, and kijiji accounts

  • creating business profiles

  • real world social media exercise

 Keys to social media success

  • what to post

  • when to post

  • how to post 

Power of social media platforms

  • facebook stats

  • linkedin stats

  • kijiji stats

How to fish under your own dock

  • engaging your audience

  • connecting with your customers and their communities

  • people tell their friends

10 laws of social media marketing

  •  listening, focus, quality

  • patience, compounding, influence

  • value, acknowledgement, accessibility 

How to create adstamps

  • Advertising has changed

  • how to leverage company assets

  • how to make your adstamps go viral

  • how to push out content 

How to share adstamps

  • facebook

  • linkedin

  • kijiji

How to post on Kijiji

  • step by step

  • optimum times

  • best practices

Tracking system for lead results

  • fish where the fish are and know your fish

  • optimum times

  • best practices

Social dripping made easy

  •  how much time should you spend on social media?

  • how to be a good electronic neighbor

  • posting exercises

Rules of social media marketing

  • response time

  • platform etiquette

  • best practices 

Cost per person:

Up to $500 per participant per day, plus $100 for a printed manual or $100 for a mobile app copy of the training.



The Alberta government provides a grant program that can help companies recoup up to 2/3 of their training investment; for more information:



LinkedIn tricks and tips

  • posting exercise

  • proper content

  • optimum times

Social media dripping calendar

  • a goal without a plan is just a wish

  • marketing strategy customized to your business

Tools and apps to create interesting content

  • how to be interesting

  • how to make your post stick out

  • cool apps

Social media marketing 15 mistakes to avoid

  • do's and don'ts

  • diving in without a plan

  • proper etiquette

12 question real world exercises

  • how to gain appointments

  • how to reconnect with a potential customer

  • how to gain more traffic

5 rules for effectively following up being pleasantly persistent

  • etiquette

  • consistency

  • best practices