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The Online Market
A Virtual
Shopping Mall

We can build you a store and show you how to drive traffic 

If The Internet Is A Mall? 
Then What?

In the mall of the online world, your website is your store front. It’s a crowded mall, so it’s a good thing there are many different ways to let the world know you exist and what you offer.  We show you how each method works, when they are appropriate, and how they all play a part in bringing people to your website storefront.

Our goal is to make your store simple and effective, and to show you how to understand the tools and how modern marketing is very similar to the marketing of the past. One of the most important changes is analytics. With analytics we can track and analyze what people are looking for, and the progress of your efforts in creating the exact message your customers want to hear.

How It All Works 

Every part of the Internet is connected and every online marketing effort should be aimed at the same goal;

Finding the offer that resonates the most with your customer to get the Business! 

Your Website 

The Store Front 

Websites are the store front of your business. That is why layout, wording, images and call to action is so important.  No one likes to go into an empty store, or get lost in an unorganized store that has no rhyme or reason.  

We make your online storefront easy to navigate with proven UX/UI design, We use Keywords and calls to action, like sale signs and clear directions. This makes it easy for people to find what they are looking for, and to make a buying decision. 

Best of all we track people as they move through the site. “So that table people keep running into” or that section of content no-one wants to read. Let's move it or change it. Until you have the storefront that works for your business. 


The Cleaner and Contractors 

In the first year maintenance updates are free. We want to make sure your site is laid out just right, and that takes trying options.  Once your site is working properly we have a couple maintenance packages. Regular updates and new pages keep your store neat and clean. Changing signs for special offers and moving the furniture around for better flow through. Keep your store front as accessible and fresh as possible by adjusting keywords, headers, images and other minor changes. 

Social Media

TV and Commercials of the modern day

Many people get confused by social media but really it is quite simple. Social media is the new TV and your business posts are like commercials while people are watching their favorite channels. Every platform is a different channel with a different demographic. Depending on what you are selling you should be posting on different platforms. People following your channel means that they are interested in what you are selling. People who like, comment or share, Well that is even better! 

There are different kinds of content you can put on your channel but we can talk about that later. 

Explainer Video 

The Movie Trailer/ Infomercial 

Everyone knows video content is the most engaging as it stimulates all our scenes. Using explainer videos to showcase your services is like creating the movie trailer or an infomercial for what you are selling. It showcases exactly what you do while keeping your customers engaged.  That 30 seconds will make them want to learn more or not.  This is a powerful tool for your business. The best part is you can use that video in your store front (website), on your TV Channel (Social media) and even send it directly via V-Mail to potential customers. 


Your Own Radio Station 

You might be hearing a lot about podcasts lately. That's because it is a modern day radio where you control the playlist. People are listening to podcasts while they work, on the drive home and while doing things around the house.  Informational podcasts can be a great way to reach your audience.  They allow you to answer customers' key questions about your business in a fun and interactive way. They get to know you as a person and learn to like and trust you all from the comfort of their home or car. 

Blogs, Articles & Content

The Newspaper or Magazine 

What is a blog? Written content on the internet can be thought of like a newspaper or magazine article. Well written content increases your authority in a market. It used to be “oh, I saw you in a magazine, you must be an expert in your field”. Now, Google sees all the written content on your website and that other sites are referencing or linking to it. The interest of other websites tells search engines that you are an authority in your field. They will then send even more people your way with your content being higher in search results. This is one of the best ways to build long term credibility online.

The key is LONG TERM, Don’t expect to launch a blog and be an authority over night! 

You Want To Watch This!!!



The Yellow Pages

A lot of people get confused about what SEO is, but it is really quite simple. SEO is the new Yellow Pages. Just like everyone used to start business names with an ‘A’ so they could be at the front of the phone book; now people use Keywords. The more keywords you use on your store signs, in your blogs, videos and social posts the easier it is for people to find you.
The best part of this is, we can tell what words people are actually looking for, why they are using them and make an informed decision on how those keywords will actually help you be found. 


We help you craft your wording and messaging to get the most amount of the right people walking into your store. KEYWORD “Right” people! Stuffing content with keywords is not going to help your marketing work for you. You want the right people seeing the right message on the right platform to get the sale. 

Google Ads &
Paid Ads

The Special Offer Flier

So now we come to Google and other Paid Ads.  Paid Ads are like commercials, flyers, customer loyalty cards and coupons of the modern day, all rolled into one. You can pay Google to get the word out on special offers, and distribute them to people who are looking directly for your services. Google knows exactly what keywords these people are searching and if they line up with what you are offering. You can give them a custom landing page like a flier, a coupon, or other special offers to entice them to your store front. The best way to use this is to refine your messaging to find the exact way you should present specific products and services. The same messages that work on ad’s can be leveraged across all other platforms. 

Google ads with custom landing pages quickly inform you what kind of look and feel your customers like for your store front, what calls to action work the best, and the content customers are looking for.  They can be used to test out social media taglines, and themes for video content, and other message channels. Google gives you direct feedback and information on how each of your messages are working. The best part is you only pay Google when your advertisement is clicked. It's like talking to a trained sales person on the reaction and body language of customers to your special offer. 


The Sales

What To Do With The Customer Once They Are Engaged 

That brings us to the final piece to this puzzle, SALES! You can do all the advertising you want but if no one is at the store to talk to people, hand out the fliers or ring them through the cash register you don’t have a business. What you have is a bunch of pretty messages and pictures, and maybe even contact with potential customers. 

We help you understand what it takes to turn contacts into customers. We train the staff you have or yourself to do the work or you can hire us to do it for you. Our time tested and proven 10 step method for sales can help get potential customers to become loyal customers. You just need to do the work with us or pay us to do it for you.  This is the missing piece of most marketing firms. All they care about is creating the content, getting some contacts,  but lack follow through. 

Our Process Is What Makes Us different!

Now you get the idea of how the online marketing works, but what makes TSG different then any other marketing company. 

Well that would be our process of course. There are some key hurdles that every marketing company hits that we have figured out. Those three things break into three categories. 



A Man and a woman participating in a radio show


Crossing the Finish Line


Don't Take Our Word For It 


How We Keep IT Simple

We keep things simple, with easy to understand packages that come together like lego blocks to build the marketing strategy that will work for your business. This is seen in everything we do. From the softwares and platforms we use, to file management systems and how we describe things. Simplicity is what we strive for. SO if you ever feel lost or overwhelmed, let us know and we will try to break it down so we can all be on the same page. 

How We Keep Things Authentic 

We keep things simple, with easy to understand packages that come together like lego blocks to build the marketing strategy that will work for your business. This is seen in everything we do. From the softwares and platforms we use, to file management systems and how we describe things. Simplicity is what we strive for. SO if you ever feel lost or overwhelmed, let us know and we will try to break it down so we can all be on the same page. 


A Man and a woman participating in a radio show


Crossing the Finish Line
How We Get Over The Finish Line 

Our goal is not just to get a paycheck, we want to get across the finish line; Whatever that is! Whether it is Launching a Website, Increasing Social media followers, Click through conversion on a website or ads or actually closing a sale with your customers. That is why we track and analyze everything we do, We test all our ideas and we make informed decisions. We also equip you with the tools and training you need to close the deal with a customer once they have engaged with your online marketing. From how to follow up with someone who commented on a Social Media post to What questions and steps to use with someone who filled out an online form. Our Goal is the Finish Line not creating content and leaving you hanging. 

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