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Our Plans

  • 15 Minutes of Fame

    Meet with Tony Scaffeo
    Free Plan
    • A conversation about elevating your brand
  • On the Hour with Tony Scaffeo

    Uncover the potential of your brand, bridging the gap from its current state to its optimal position
    • Evaluate Your Brand
    • Discover Pain Points
    • Recommend Courses of Action
  • Elevating Your Brand Membership

    Every month
    +$50 Onboarding Fee
    Perfect for the organization looking for new brand value and conversion strategies.
    • 1 Hour Monthly Customized Brand Strategy Session
    • 1 Half Hour Monthly Conversion Optimization Workshop
    • 1 Half Hour Monthly Personalized Brand Content Creation
    • Priority Support and Consultation
  • Make You Website Your Best Salesperson

    Transform Your Website into Your Top Salesperson
    Free Plan
    • Turn your website into a 24/7 sales powerhouse
    • Engage and convert visitors with a strategic website
    • Maximize conversions: Make your site your top sales tool
    • Elevate your online presence to boost client engagement
    • Transform your site into a dynamic business catalyst
  • How to Be Visible on Social

    Mastering Visibility on Social Media with The Scaffeo Group
    Free Plan
    • Engage effectively with your audience on social media
    • Boost your brand's visibility with expert strategies
    • Drive meaningful interactions and build community
    • Transform social media into a powerful engagement tool
    • Learn to stand out in the crowded social landscape
  • Boost Your Impact with Explainer Videos

    Maximize Impact Across Digital Media with Explainer Videos
    Free Plan
    • Enhance your digital strategy with dynamic explainer videos
    • Capture attention and convey your message effectively
    • Engage and convert your audience with compelling content
    • Elevate your sales pitch with targeted explainer videos
    • Leverage explainer videos for comprehensive digital impact
  • Begin Digital Marketing for my Business

    Begin Your Digital Marketing Journey: How & Where to Start with The Scaffeo Group
    Free Plan
    • Identify and leverage the best platforms for your brand
    • Enhance your social media presence effectively
    • Optimize your website for greater digital impact
    • Utilize explainer videos to clarify your message
    • Turn digital challenges into opportunities for growth
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